One of the fastest growing petroleum companies in the Philippines with over fifty retail stations within Luzon and key cities within Mindanao, JETTI_PETROLEUM INC. is on expansion.  The company is in search of potential dealers who are determined and driven to be successful in this industry.  If youâre interested to be one of our dealers, please apply now.

Potential Dealers must:

  • Know how to oversee a business
  • Know how to abide by company policies and guidelines
  • Have previous experience in the petroleum business
  • Be willing to learn and be trained

For Company-Owned type station dealership, applicants must:

  • Be able to post the required /performance bond
  • Have excess capitalization to serve as revolving fund for product acquisition and day-to-day operation
  • Be a resident of or have other business within the vicinity of the station being applied for

For Dealer-Owned type station dealership, applicants must:                         

  • Have sufficient capital for the construction of the  and purchase of the required station equipment.             
  • Know how to abide by company policies and guidelines            
  • Have additional funding for the revolving capital needed to finance the operation

Minimum lot area required for a dealer-owned type station:

  • Target site must be along a major road; the frontage should at least be 30 meters and the depth should be not less than 20 meters               
  • For sites along secondary roads, the frontage requirement is 25 meters and depth of 20 meters.         

Minimum Term/ Dealership Period:

  • For Company-Owned stations, the Dealership Agreement is for a period of 3 years, renewable subject to mutual agreement by both parties.               
  • For Dealer-Owned type station, the Dealership Agreement is normally co-terminus with the lease on the lot but should not be less than 10 years.


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 Personal Information                                             

Name (in full): Age:
Date of Birth:  Birthplace:  Height:  Weight:
Email Address:
Home Address:
Home Tel. : Fax:
TIN: SSS: Citizenship: Marital Status:

No. Of Dependent :

Name of Children :

Name of Children:


Spouse’s Name:

(Indicate address, if different from you):

Educational Attainment

Elementary High School College Graduate

Presently Employed


Highest level achieved: Degree:
Name of college and/or postgraduate school:

Real Estate Property Owned by Applicants/Spouse, Validation
OCT/TCT Location Area Market Value Mortgage, if any

Building & Other Improvements
Description Location Area Market Value Mortgage, if any

Valuable Personal Property Owned by Applicant/Spouse
Car/Truck Make Model Plate No. When Registered Mortgage, if any

Shares of Stocks
Bonds Par Value Market Value Maturity Date (if any)

Description Location Area Market Value Mortgage, if any

Credit and Bank Reference
Name of Bank/
Length of
Kind of
Amount Deposited Credit Extended

Other Information


Do you have any physical handicaps or special precautions and worries about health that would be shown by a medical examination? (For example: hearing, eyesight, foot ailments, rupture, allergies, lung or heart condition, stomach condition, headaches, arthritis, sinus, asthma, affected by fumes or cold.

Yes No If yes, explain

Have you had any illness during the last five years that required the services of the physician?
Yes No If yes, explain

Social Activities

List your sports and recreational activity:

Leadership / Academic awards, prizes, recognition in sports, hobbies, etc.:
List of civil social, military, business organization or clubs where you are an active member:
How will your home condition influence your success in this type of business? (Consider your family, friends, ambitions, home worries, finances and living requirements);

Personal References

List 3 persons who have know you for 5 years or more (not relatives or former employers):

Name Address Business/Occupation

I hereby certify that the information furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.




Business  Development Department


Business Development Department aims to generate, develop and explore new business opportunities.  This department is responsible for the acquisition of new projects.  It supports the management by providing analyses for evaluating business opportunities such as
                  Locatorship, research and development, tie-ups and more.               


Jetti Petroleum Inc. aims to develop a so called âOne-Stop-Shopâ concept in our stations.  We believe that our stations should cater the various needs of the consumers.

Locatorship Program welcomes all business entrepreneurs to explore our sites and put up your business.  Jetti Petroleum Inc. has achieved extremely favorable success for the past years and continuously growing.  We have developed an appealing track record and have satisfied countless number of consumers. In Jetti, our success is your success!

Some of the existing locators:

NORTH PARK âLocated in Jetti Fuel Station, CBP-IA, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Ave., Pasay City

COCO MANGGAS Ihawan at Inuman  - Located in JM Fuel Center (JETTI GAS STATION), National Hi-way, Brgy. Nueva, San Pedro, Laguna.

Sites OPEN for Locatorship:

Jetti Gasoline Station, Matina, Davao 980sqm1
Jetti Gasoline Station, Daang Hari, Imus Cavite24sqm1
Jetti Gasoline Station, Daang Hari, Imus Cavite4sqm4

 Contact details for Locatorship:
Business Development Department
Tel #: (02) 854-8352 / (046) 484-3981 / (046) 484-3989


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Business Name:
Email Address:
Type of Ownership:
Name of Corporation:
Name of Partner
(if Partnership):
Name of Owner:
Business Address: Tel#:
Residential Address: Tel#:
Civil Status: Nationality:
(If Married)
Name of Spouse:
Residence Cert. #: Date& Place Issued:
Trade Name:
Profile of Business / Branches:

I hereby certify that all of the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.