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Jetti Fuels, Connecting with the Most Hard-Core of Off-Road Enthusiasts

Posted on: December 5, 2022

The King of RIOT (KOR) competition is one of those extreme off-road challenges that is sure to test the most hard core of off-road enthusiasts. Conceptualized and developed by 4×4 fanatics (Mayor Jun Siquian, Eddie Alvarado, Dozz Siguitan, Clode Torres, Eric Gahite and Noel Bartolome Jr.) the RIOT (Rizal International Off-road Track) at the CVM Orchard and Eco-Park in Baras, Rizal, presents 8 technical stages that test the limits of both driver and vehicle. Its second off-road competition was held this November 15 to November 20,2022 with Jetti Petroleum as one of its technical partners.

Memorable outdoor experiences are made even better when one is prepared to meet the elements of that environment. So begins the journey of a 4×4 extreme off-roader, An individual who believes in the symbiosis of man + machine and that any terrain can be tread on 4 wheels. Customization becomes key, swapping factory stock parts to specialized ones, wheels, shocks, gears, engines, then accessorizing with winches, lifts, lights, jacks and going as far as cutting out unnecessary chassis parts. In short, the once basic shop vehicle unit has now levelled up in more ways than can be imagined. Both man and machine have transformed into batman and his Batmobile. A customized Frankenstein of a vehicle designed to survive any natural obstacle in its path. It is this transformation of oneself into an adrenalin pumped technical savvy, gung-ho man-machine creation christened with an endearing name like “Mahal” or “Mud Max”, making them a bona fide 4×4 off roader ready to tackle the next adventure.

Modified 4×4 super vehicles or otherwise, Jetti Petroleum understands the need for quality fuel. Jetti fuels; Diesel Master, AccelRate and JX Premium, meet all the exacting global fuel requirements and passes all stringent international standards in full compliance with Philippine laws. “Jetti fuel reliability is one thing less for off-roaders to worry about”, Billy Montinola, Corporate Affairs manager has mentioned at the KOR-RIOT event. Jetti also gave exclusive limited edition SEC Branded Jetti King of RIOT helmets as prizes.

Posted on: December 5, 2022
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